Progress... That kinda looks like a park

After months of tutorials and learning how to code in Unity I finally have something that feels like a game. Going to lockdown the demo feature set at the end of January and get on to making art assets for a demo hopefully i'll be bringing to SXSW.

So right now i've got:

  • a rough layout of the south east corner of Trinity Bellwoods
  • point and tap control of a wizard
  • hipster spawns, behaviour and can spawning
  • tappable info UI's and selection logic that I can use to control multiple wizards (possibly)

...and stuff to finish off:

  • can inventory so I can create gameplay around picking up things other than cans
  • trashcans and recycling bins for such gameplay
  • rough mockups for the beer store, home & store
  • a title screen and tutorial

After this I can finally get into designing some art assets!

Huh, looks like a park.

Huh, looks like a park.